Pay your dues online!

I made some recent updates to the website to support a number of new features that I’d love to share with you all!

Membership Module – we now have the ability to support user registration for members of Council 12480. You will be prompted to register for the site only when you try to access content that is restricted to members. Once you enter your requested username, email address and Knights of Columbus membership number, we will be notified that a new user has registered. Once we verify your membership number against our council records, we’ll approve your account and you’ll be able to access the Member Only parts of site. There will still be some parts that are restricted to Officers Only, but if you’re an officer, you’ll get access to that too!

Meeting Minutes – along with the membership module, we now can support a set of document libraries, including one for officer materials and meeting minutes. Starting with the next meeting, look for meeting minutes to appear on the site – members only, of course!

Membership Roster – also leveraging the membership and document management modules, we can now offer a downloadable membership roster available only to registered members.

Change Info form – members can now use the Change Info form to change their membership info, such as address, phone, email, etc. Once we receive this information, we’ll get our systems updated so that you can continue to get the same information from Supreme, the State and Local Council distributions and mailings.

Please let us know how you like this site, and what other features you’d like to see added.

Vivat Jesus!
Chris Koenig
Financial Secretary – Council 12480