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Faith, Friendship and Service.

The Ladies Auxiliary provides the opportunity for wives (mothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, and widows) of Knights of Columbus members, or by sponsorship, to come together in fellowship with the primary goal of providing organized assistance to the St. Francis of Assisi - Knights of Columbus Council 12480. This organized assistance takes many forms and may include help at KofC sponsored events, fundraising assistance and set-up and beautification of facilities. The organization also provides the opportunity to form friendships and serve Christ by serving our church and our community.

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Auxiliary Meetings

Ladies Auxiliary meetings are held once a month with many social and fundraising events scattered throughout the calendar year. During Covid-19, meetings are held online through Zoom meetings.  Otherwise, we meet in the San Damiano Room in the St. Francis of Assisi Great Hall part of the church.  The first Monday of every month @ 6:30 pm is the usual start time.

Upcoming Meetings (online Zoom call):

We met on Aug 3 at 6:30 pm on a Zoom call to update committee information and mingle at a social distance! 

Our  September meeting will be on the 14th to discuss the upcoming Ladies Bazaar!  If interested in joining our Ladies Auxiliary Group and/or our online Zoom meeting, please contact the President for the Zoom link.

About our Auxiliary

St. Francis of Assisi Ladies Auxiliary was chartered in 2001 through the efforts of Diane Sirois, Kathleen Yearego, Bob Sirois, Dino Yearego and Mauricio Frye, and is named after our local Church. The St. Francis of Assisi Auxiliary works closely with the St. Francis Parish, members being active participants in their Parish, Frisco community and in providing funds and labor for various projects.

Our Officers:

President Kathleen Smith
Vice President Delia Chamblee
Secretary Lauren Donahey
Treasurer Terry Bannerman
Parliamentarian Ann McElroy

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Our Committees

The Ladies Auxiliary is involved in many different activities here at St. Francis.

NOTE: To volunteer to help with the Squire Rose meetings, please follow this link to sign up: Squire Roses adult volunteer for meetings

Calendar of Events

How to Join

Please contact Jennifer Dugas for more information about joining, or fill out the form below:

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    Please check committees you are interested in helping with:
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